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    Quote Originally Posted by Memory Maker View Post
    Thanks John .......

    but there is no mention of using funds to help pay for the site ......... if you are going use the site and produce money then some of the tournament costs are the site costs ......... so far just a few people have put up the money to get stuff done on their own ..... ie the cost of the site and the cost of the decals.

    If you are going to use the site to make money then maybe some of the money should go to paying for the site .........

    I know if the site charged I would pay ....... just like I do on Tidalfish .....
    Rick, MKF is completely separate. At the moment, that's the way the site owner wants it. They've graciously allowed a new forum section for the tournament in order to continue promoting the sport of kayak fishing. It's their contribution to the non-profit tournament organization that several others have put up their own dough to start. Some of the proceeds will go towards the tournament site. As things evolve perhaps more with MKF later on. It's their call...
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    I am a freshwater kayak fisherman that would like to do some inshore saltwater fishing within a reasonable drive from Springfield, VA. I own two kayaks and more fly fishing and other gear than I will ever use in a lifetime. I just wanted to say hello and get the ball rolling to hook up with some folks here to do an inshore trip appropriate to a new salt fisherman. Perhaps on the Bay or Atlantic, whatever is best.

    A little info about me, 61 yrs old, male, single, Information Assurance (IA) professional, have SUV and can carry two yaks on top and gear inside. Have some flyfishing and other experience. Have cold water kayaking clothing (if my weight gain will let me get into it..)..

    Take care, looking forward to some salty adventures with some great folks..



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