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Thread: Splashed my new Trident today!

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    Default Splashed my new Trident today!

    Finally got out on the water with my new Trident 13. I didn't do any fishing as this was basically a shakedown cruise for the boat and for me.

    I car topped down to Jonas Green park around 930 this morning. I was able to unload myself using the kart on the back of the truck as a set of rollers. Going to the water was good until I hit the edge of the wooden bridge and knocked my cart off. I had two strong bungees but they still came off. I plan to make a vertical support using the scuppers so this doesn't happen. It also happened as I was coming up from the water when I hit the little ridge between the grass and the sand.

    I was pleased to find that the Trident 13 tracks as well as I have been told. The wind was coming from the SSE @ 10 mph or so . About 1100 it started to strengthen and I decided to leave shortly after as I didn't have any fishing gear and completed my planned tests. The only time a rudder would have come in handy was when I was running west to east across the wind and current. I was paddling as fast as I could as I saw a power boat up river and didn't want to be stuck in the channel when he came by.

    Now, I haven't paddled a canoe or yak in two years as I have been having back problems. I thought I did pretty good today but will have to do something about the stock seat. (see my post in Drydock).

    One thing I wasn't happy with was my anchor. I used the 3.5 folding anchor with four feet of 3/8 chain. I dropped the hook in twenty feet of water and let out 50 feet of rode. I know the scope wasn't 8 to 1 as suggested for boats but I could not get the anchor to hold. I was still moving along at .4-.5 GPS . I was just off the beach at Jonas Green when I tried this and don't know what the bottom is like in that area. Granted, the current and wind were moving pretty good by the time I tried this so maybe more rode is the key. I'll try again next time.

    The other unhappiness was my seat (the upgraded Ocean Kayak version). While it gave me good back support, I was starting to notice my left leg starting to tingle around the 1.5 hour mark. I was just east of the 450 bridge heading towards ego alley when it started. I decided to turn around and hang out in the local area in case it went into the full electric shock mode.

    All and all it was a fun day and I have already started my FF installation. I haven't decided to go with Goop or Duct Seal for the transducer but will make a decision shortly. Maybe I'll get out next Friday with fishing gear aboard.

    BTW, I spoke to half a dozen people fishing today and no one was catching anything!


    Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler (Sand)
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    Glad you finally made it out on the water! I upgraded to the Skwoosh Big Catch AF seat. Huge improvement over the stock seat.
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