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    Has anyone bought of these Brush Grippers? I do a lot of tying up to sod bank grass, thought one of these may be helpful, but i don't want something that is going to rust away or fall apart in salt. I've tried tent stakes and simple hand clamps, but like all of us, I could always spend more money on stuff I don't need. So, anybody got a review for salt?
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    I use one when freshwater fishing. I connect it to my anchor trolley and it serves the same purpose as a stakeout pole or an anchor, but more useful. It gets the job done especially in deep, undercut banks that are too deep for the stakeout pole, and much quicker than dropping and retrieving an anchor. If used in saltwater I'd imagine you'd have to rinse it and put some protectant on it after use, just like any other metal.

    I use this style. For less than $7, I figure I can splurge if it rusts
    brush gripper.jpgbrush gripper2.jpg
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