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Thread: Treble hook frustrations

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    Default Treble hook frustrations

    We all deal with treble hooks either freshwater or saltwater . And they are a hassle when they are stuck together in our boxes .

    Here’s a small DIY tip I found to reduce frustrations of stuck hooks . And maximizing the space in your tackle boxes

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    Pretty neat. Thanks.

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    Cool idea - you could also swap out all those trebles for single in-line hooks and make you tackle box life easier, as well as much easier to remove from a fish. I was a skeptic but Ron swapped out hooks for me on a favorite crank bait and my catch rate stayed the same.
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    Looks like a great idea for over winter storage or at home storage. I'm thinking a large collection where you just pick and choose which lures you want for that particular day on the water. I tried the plastic treble covers before and they were just too bulky to keep using. I still have a ton of them in different size if anyone wants them.

    On the water I have a feeling I'd spend just as much time messing with rubber bands as I would untangling lures. Before I started using pieces of pool noodle to hold my lures on the water, I would just chuck everything into a large Chinese carry-out soup container to hold any lures I swapped out. I wasn't worried about the mess then as I'm normally swapping them out because they weren't producing so no need to have them ready to go.
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