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    A buddy and I went out this weekend for a few hours to search some coastal bay creeks for a perch dinner. It was my first trip this year. We started in a creek I've already fished this winter with success so we had high hopes. But fishing was slow from the start. We weren't catching anything in a good hole I knew for the first hour and then all of a sudden had a couple minutes of action getting 5 perch in a row before it ended. We left that spot and eventually picked up a few more perch casting the shallow mud flats on the way back to the launch, but nothing to write home about.

    My buddy had to leave and I still had another hour or so I could fish so I stopped by a different creek on my way home. Again, it started pretty slow and I wasn't having any luck but a little flurry of action hit and I pulled a quick 8 more perch out before I had to leave. No jumbos this time, but the perch were all around 11 - 12.5". I got all mine on little 2" crappie soft plastics.

    Kept 6 for dinner and released the rest. I'm starting to like this perch fishing thing; it's a good way to pass the winter


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    Catching nice size perch are always fun on light tackle. My younger sister ate perch for the first time last year and loved it. She preferred their taste than rockfish.
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    Nice fish, thanks for keeping hope alive. My wife prefers perch to rockfish. I need to find time to find some winter holes for them. Plus, should be about Yellow Perch time but I don't like to catch momma's full of eggs.
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    Nice job with the perch. I had a good perch spot in the upper bay but the fish have not been there the last 3 years. I miss the good perch action.


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