I already posted this on VA sub-forum.
But just to keep the record on the freshwater forum, I am posting this again here.

There was no place to fish during the East Coast Deep Freeze of 2017/2018. It was bitterly cold and windy in the coastal areas.
So, I headed for Dike 3 (cold side) in Lake Anna on Jan 15, 2018. There is a power plant that feeds the warn water to the lake.
Again, I was the only on the frigid day until noon.

The water temp at Dike 3 was lower than average of this time of the year by about 20 F.
  • Air Temp: 5 – 30 F (under 10 F until 10:00 AM)
  • Water Temp: 40- 45 F (lower than average by 18 F)
  • Wind: 6 – 10 MPH

I sprayed the reels with “Reel Magic”. This helps when the reels get iced up (100% chance). I did not bring bait-casting reels. They aren’t quite for the cold days when spools get iced up immediately.

I had a large bottle of hot water in my cooler so I can keep drinks and food unfrozen for 8-10 hours.

2 GoPro cameras and my iPhone didn’t work 20 minutes after the launch. I have learned in the past Gopro or other camers didn’t work somewhere under 10 F. It was the first time even iPhone didn’t work. I kept lures and sunglasses under the center hatch. But the hatch was frozen shut. So, I had to come back to de-ice the hatch and to warm up GoPro cameras and the iPhone (using the hot air from the dashboard vent in my truck).

I found a small flock of feeding birds early. After the break, I found a few school of striper. I managed to stay with the schools of striper.
I caught about 10 striper (no hybrid) at 16 - 20”. # were at 20”.

Video Fishing Log: