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Thread: Only in America

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronaultmtd View Post
    Thank goodness we don’t know our expiration date, Mark...I say we live until we die...there are no guarantees...for all we know today maybe our last day on Earth...if you have ever watched the show Doomsday many ways for the world to end from a global pandemic, Yellowstone Super Volcano eruption, giant asteroid striking the Earth, nuclear war, global name it...but until the sand runs out of the hourglass for me, I think I’ll go fishing...
    You're right on that, Ron. I plan to keep fishing for as long as my health allows given I have no control over the rest of what's going on.

    This thread has certainly taken off in many directions. It has been good. Thanks for starting it.

    In fact, I have a new resolution for 2018. Catch a carp. But it will have to be with an artificial. The sand in my hourglass is running too fast to patiently wait on a shoreline with dough-balls and corn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yakscientist View Post
    Before I got my kayak, I would always fish for them in liberty reservoir with a simple trout-size hook (small) and a couple kernels of corn. Just set that out and wait, and fish for whatever else while you wait. Make sure to leave the drag fairly light because once they suck that corn down and start running, they'll easily pull an unattended rod into the water (happened to my friend Jon). The best spot I've ever seen for carp, and I will let you all in on it, is the Anacostia River not far from the community boathouse. We did a lot of work there, and we electroshocked a ton of 10-20 pound carp pretty much everywhere upriver from there, particularly along the train bridge and along the shorelines close to it. I doubt I will ever fish the anacostia, due to what I know now about it, but it's honestly loaded with fish. In a single half day shocking excursion, we got striper, snakehead, tons of sunfish species (pumpkinseed, green, etc), largemouth, blue cats, carp, etc...I think we routinely encountered 15 species per day at least. If any of you are looking to fish it, I recommend a good pair of latex gloves to be worn at all times haha
    lets go
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    Quote Originally Posted by silasvirus82 View Post
    lets go
    Ha yeah you want to? Maybe this summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by summersoff View Post
    Bonefish are carp with better PR
    Quote Originally Posted by Big Mike View Post
    kind of like the CNR of freshwater.
    I think this Forum needs a "Quote Board": a collection of funny, witty, and whimsical musings posted by it members.

    These two entries certainly get my vote :-)

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