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Thread: Tog Tutorial: How I "cast" from the jetties for tog.

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    Default Tog Tutorial: How I "cast" from the jetties for tog.

    This is long over due, but here is the video I made to show how I cast.

    Just a side note is that my favorite time is the bottom of the out tide and the start of the in tide. I noticed that it is usually cleaner water and also you can spot structure much easier. I don't state that in my video so I'm just throwing that tip out to you all snaggedliners only.

    It's too late now, but starting march/april you should be able to put these methods to practice.
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    One of the days, when the wind is too strong for kayak fishing unexpectedly, I will fish from jetties instead going back home. I guess I carry some light sinkers including egg sinkers.

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