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Thread: Super Moon Nighttime Yakfishing- late report

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    Default Super Moon Nighttime Yakfishing- late report

    It was 51 degrees when I launched @6:20 pm.
    The water was as calm as can be & that Super Moon
    Was very bright! I only brought out 2 rods, my net,
    & my Visicarbon light. I also ventured out lightly, w/o
    Filling the square hatch w/everything-including-the-
    Kitchen-sink full of tackle. I casted to structure & I
    Worked the shadows & light lines & I found plenty
    Of action jackson! I even played in open waters &
    I found some rod-benders. With a damp fish cloth
    I quickly returned the fish after removing the hook.
    When the tide started moving the fishing improved
    & I was able to drift w/the current whilst casting to all
    The usual spots. The temps dropped as time wore on.
    Finally, around 11pm I decided to call it a night because
    There were 2 spookmasters following me & not catching.
    I told them to turn off their loud motors & drift but they
    Wouldn't so I fished some new spots to try to lose them & I was busy catching
    & they were busy casting, & not catching. Back at the launch
    The temps was now 41....& once on the road headed back home
    It quickly dropped to 34 & got very foggy. Itwas nonstop action for me
    W/that horizontally-lined fish but I didn't keep any. Back over that big bridge &
    The temps were warmer. I'm glad the fish were cooperating & now you all can
    Catch them. The Super Moon was very very good to me, for sure!
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    Great report! Glad to hear the rock are still in close. I will be out this week.


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