It started about 4 years ago... launching at Sandy Point State Park and going up into the Magothy...
and coming back and fishing into the night with a return to launch at the park amidst all the wonderful Christmas Light's display at the park.

Got out on the water at the soft launch about 1pm... and worked my way up into the Magothy..
caught a nice 17incher... which was fun...
It didn't matter if I caught a fish or not... the weather had broken... the sun had come out at launch...
The water was almost perfectly calm... the air temps were 50f... but it was warm with the sun.

I had made my way about a mile from where Gibson Island chokes off the Magothy... I had stopped to re-rig...
and the fish finder chart plotter turned off... basically went dead.
It was now 3:30pm... the sun was getting low in the sky... immaculately beautiful... pink, purples, violet, skies danced through the sun's rays through the clouds.

I thought maybe... I had splashed water on the FF while lifting my dripping foot over it... but this had never been the situation before.. and the FF had been splashed many a time.

I was going to go to the choke off point of Gibson Island... make my way north and back around.. and work the 30foot depths... back to the SP park.

But.. with the FF dead... most particularly charts... best to be safe and head back.
It had been foggy the early part of the day... I had fear that it would get foggy for the evening... and worse get socked in at 100 yards.

I rigged my light pole.. had my head lamp ready, my hand held light in my pocket, put my parka on, wool hat.. and wetsuit gloves handy if it got cold enough.

Making my way back I was able to fire up the FF briefly after periods of rest.. unfortunately I didn't want to stray into 30feet of water where I had marked fish earlier... further from the shoreline.
I stayed in about 20feet of water for the trip back.

The fog didn't come in... it was a glorious sunset.. the Super Moon was trying to make it's way through the clouds... I got to the Sandy Point Shoal Light about 6:30pm... I know the depths in that area.. and wander around a bit.. and the Park Christmas light in the distance to guide me back.

I could still fire up the FF briefly... which was good to see my charts and my track to launch... the numerous jettys at the soft launch can be confusing in the dark.

The fun of driving through the Park Christmas lights, a fishing trip at SP Park, my pilgrimage was complete.

It appears the battery is not holding a charge anymore.. already got a new battery.

I went out the week before Thanksgiving on the Severn early evening... caught a nice 28inch Rockfish.

We have a week or so more of striper fishing...
I made my goal to go out every month in 2017...
Caught my first Speckled Trout, my first catfish in saltwater, my largest rockfish...
and lots of other great trips and meeting people on the water.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all !