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Thread: CBBT Tautog &Black Drum, & Rudee Speck (Nov 30, 2017)

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    Default CBBT Tautog &Black Drum, & Rudee Speck (Nov 30, 2017)

    I wanted to know when speck stops biting in Rudee, VA. But first, I wanted to catch some tautog (blackfish) at CBBT (Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, VA).

    I fished in the unexpected rough water at CBBT. I caught few oyster toadfish, black sea bass, and black drum. One black drum was at 19. After that when the water calmed down, I caught 5 tautog. Two were keepers at 18-19.

    I hurried back to the shore to go to Rudee. When I launched at Owls creek boat ramp, I had about 2 hours before it gets dark.

    I fished in the shallow water first to find speck and the lure of the day. I found that 4 MirrOlure pink/chartreuse was the one I needed for remaining 1 hour of fishing time.

    Finally I caught a speck at 19 in 6 of water near the deep water.
    I found school of speck in 35 of water. I managed to hook one at 21 on the same pink/chartreuse on a OZ jig head by retrieving slowly.

    Video Fishing Log:

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    Love the videos. Thanks for always describing your technique and gear.

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