I want to remind Snaggedliners that you have a local fly fishing club – The Free State Fly Fishers. Last month I was fortunate to be elected president of the club for 2018 along with an excellent leadership team.

Here is our Website: http://fs-ff.com/

Here is our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FSFFMD

Our activities will resume in full in January including Saturday fly tying, club meetings and outings. Please check the websites above for FSFF events and dates.

In 2017 we organized more than 30 club outings in fresh and tidal waters. Some were wading trips and some were float trips for canoes and kayaks. We hold weekend and weekday trips. Each of our outings are suitable for fly fishing and/or light tackle angling. We are presently building our schedule of 2018 outings.

Although we are a fly fishing club, we strive to appeal to all anglers, especially light tackle anglers. Indeed, many of the guest speakers at our meetings are light tackle anglers of local renown. They share information precisely applicable to the kinds of fishing discussed most often on Snaggedline. We also host speakers from the MD DNR to discuss the state of Maryland fisheries and other environmental matters. And we are extremely fortunate to have club members with fly fishing and light tackle expertise who are articulate and very willing to share their angling insights during formal presentations at our meetings.

We have an excellent facility in which to gather: http://fs-ff.com/index.php/clubhouse-location/

Our meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

So, I encourage you to check out what the FSFF has to offer. I will remind Snaggedliners throughout 2018 of upcoming FSFF events. Please consider my postings here as an open invitation to join us at our meetings, club events and on the water during various outings. I sincerely look forward to seeing many of you then.