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Thread: fish finder recommendation

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronaultmtd View Post
    ...the side imaging shallow water feature is really cool...but it really takes some use to figure out what you are seeing on the screen and it really isn’t “user friendly”...requires lots of tweaking to get it to do what it is capable of, but once you understand the menus, settings and optimize it for the conditions of the!
    This is what I need to do one of these days. Just spend a whole day dialing in my FF settings. Every time I think about doing it, fishing gets in the way. Spent the money on side scan and don't have a clue how to use it.
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    I found a great deal on a Lowrance Elite 4 hdi (gps+fishfinder), it's got the standard downscan, but I like it. The transducer was giving me issues, and I had it mounted in the cockpit with duct seal putty, but it work fine after about an hour, sometimes more. I figured out if I just quickly detach it from the putty, dip it into the water for 30 seconds, then secure it back, it works flawlessly. So that's just something to keep in mind, if you go the through hull route, you may want to have the transducer close by for tweaking. My unit included transducer and was about half price since it's a discontinued model (was only 150), I think the hook 4 replaced it. Shop around for deals, there should be some all winter as new models come out, and stores try to just push equipment out during the traditionally slow period in winter.

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    Although there is a lot of really good information some key uses for a fish finder haven't been mentioned up to now. True the GPS with routes, waypoint & routes are really handy. Having them one can save all of that information for future trips and build fish finding maps where ever you go. The main thing that hasn't been mentioned is the SD card information, whether it's a Navionics, C-map, Genisys etc. Through community mapping one can get precise up to date detail of bottom contours through bathymetric mapping. Once learned how to read it this information can be extremely valuable as it contains information on where one could start looking for fish. Normally I'll run my Gps split screened with the 2D sonar to start to put myself on fish. Any of my friends that have fished with me can attest to how well I use that.

    I find downscan and sidescan come in to play once one is on structure as the imaging is much clearer than using 2D. I use downscan way more than I do the sidescan. Do I consider sidescan for where I fish really important to have, not really but there are times it does come in handy.

    As for screen size, For the way I use my fish finder it does matter. I started with a 4" but for me it was to small to see the detail, especially with split screens. I moved to a 5" that was better but still not to my liking so I got a 7" screen and have been happy. I do take into consideration the problems others would encounter with a screen that size getting it in the way. I don't peddle my kayak, have an electronics pod & use a bar that mounts my rod holders and my fish finder so it's convenient for me.

    Currently I have a Lowrance Elite 7ti and after it submerged a couple of weeks ago it is acting up so I may need to replace it. Plus another reason I am thinking of changing is I am finding with the colder weather the touch screen is a pita. So I have been vacilating on ordering a new one. There are some great deals on the Lowrance Hook series right now. West Marine has the Hook 7 on sale for $329.00. It doesn't have sidescan but it still is a really good large screen finder. Or one can wait for the new Hook2 series coming out at the end of this month. That new series does have a sidescan option at an affordable price. I can pick up the new Hook2 7" Triplescan for $599.00 where as my Elite 7ti with sidescan was $799.00.

    So my suggestion it really doesn't matter which brand you buy as they are all pretty comparable today. Figure out what your top budget is and get something that you feel will work for your yak and fishing. I suggest if you can go to a Bass Pro, Cabela's or somewhere where they are displayed and demo them then decide which you like. Once you get one learn how to use it to your best advantage. That can take some research and time to learn.
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