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Thread: Late Thanksgiving Weekend Lower Slower Report

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    Default Late Thanksgiving Weekend Lower Slower Report

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Last time I went out was the first week on November and there was still action in the creeks. This weekend I went out Friday and Saturday. Water is now 15 degrees cooler, at around 51 then earlier this month. Friday afternoon I went out with my buddy in his CC out of Point Lookout. (Not a kayak, but bear with me) Ran across the river to the Virginia side. Lots of boats out in a small area, mostly people trolling, a few jigging-which is what we ended up doing. Some running and gunning for birds. We ended up with half a dozen schoolies. Did see a lot of folks with sizable fish though. Saturday afternoon, launched with another buddy in our kayaks from Kitts Point. Trolled in the creek, then down Calvert Bay to the mouth of Rowley Bay and back. No joy until around sunset. I caught one just under 20" that could have maybe been stretched out, but ended up being released. I don't currently have a fish finder, but my buddy does and he wasn't marking too many fish. I was hooking up on my Crystal Minnow and I believe he had a light bucktail with curly tail. My take away from the weekend is that the fish are out there, but the larger schools seem to be over on the Virginia side-a bit far for me to target with my kayak launching anywhere on the Maryland side. If you're able to launch from the Virginia side, go for it. The action is hot and this week looks like it is turned on! I think that this weekend's "fleet" kind of disrupted the pattern, but now the pressure is "lessened".
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    I went out 12/1 in a Stinkpot and we found birds and scattered fish in Cornfield Harbor in 35-45’ of water. Definetly reachable by kayak from the PLO launch. Jigging was more effective method because of depth fish were at. Surface water temp still 51.
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