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    Although the meet and greet was cancelled, I still went out to the inlet for a few hours this morning to fish for tog. Launched at first light with a few green crabs I had on me, and with the tide low, I made a pit stop on the way out to search for some Asian crabs to make sure I had plenty of bait. Asian crabs were easy to find and while gathering them I found two dozens littlenecks as a bonus.

    Fishing was a little slow when I first started, but it picked up quickly after the first hour and tog bit on a fairly consistent basis the rest of the time. I caught maybe about 2 dozen fish in total. Although it probably could of been more but I got in a funk for a little while and the tog were throwing heaters right past me - swinging and missing repeatedly! It was like I had noodle hooks all of a sudden.

    I ended up getting two keepers 19" and 17" and 2 others that were right on the 16" line but I opted to let them go because it was too close to call. The last hour I was out there 2 boats anchored up near me and were into fish as well, including keepers.

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    Glad to hear you got into some keeper tog! Im headed out for my first tog trip of the season tomorrow.

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    I am glad hear the keeper report.
    Now We have more choices.

    Fish like there's no tomorrow.
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    We went down a few weeks ago. Had to stay in the back bay due to wind. We got 5 keeps and 100+ unders and burned through 7qts of green crabs. lol. I'd love to have an underwater video of what's going on down there. The #'s of tog you can pull from one spot is unreal.


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