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Thread: Kipto Tautog & Rudee Speck (Nov 9, 2017)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jman View Post
    Nice going Joe! I went to the CBBT today for the afternoon slack tide for a few hours. Lots of sea bass (little bit larger than usual) and no tog. It was really chilly out there today.
    I've been tracking the surface water temp for a while. I estimate the bottom water temp are still over 61 F (Kipto) and 62 F (CBBT) regardless cold air we had. My estimate is based on surface water temp on one of the NOAA buoy in Atlantic Ocean. It still shows 63 F (surface water temp).
    When the surface temp on the Atlantic Ocean Buoy drops to 61 F, Tog bite will turn on, but Puppies will bite less at CBBT

    Surface water temp:

    60F (10/30 at 7PM)
    62F (11/01 at 7AM)
    65F (11/06 at 5AM
    66F (11/06 at 9PM)
    64F (11/07 at 5AM)
    65F (11/08 at 5AM)
    62F (11/08 at 7PM)
    61F (11/08 at 1AM)
    60F (11/10 at 5PM)
    58F (11/11 at 8AM)
    54F (11/11 at 9PM)
    56F (11/13 at 8AM)


    67F (10/30 at 7PM)
    65F (11/01 at 7AM)
    65F (11/06 at 5AM)
    66F (11/06 at 9PM)
    66F (11/07 at 5AM)
    63F (11/08 at 5AM)
    62F (11/08 at 7PM)
    64F (11/08 at 1AM)
    62F (11/10 at 5PM)
    61F (11/11 at 8AM)
    60F (11/11 at 9PM)
    58F (11/13 at 8AM)

    Atlantic Ocean near Rudee:
    67F (10/30 at 7PM)
    67F (11/01 at 7AM)
    67F (11/06 at 5AM)
    67F (11/06 at 9PM)
    67F (11/07 at 5AM)
    66F (11/08 at 5AM)
    66F (11/08 at 7PM)
    64F (11/10 at 5PM)
    63F (11/11 at 8AM)
    63F (11/11 at 9PM)
    63F (11/13 at 8AM)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ComeOnFish View Post
    OC water should be cold enough now for tog, I think

    It is. I put a report in the MD section. I'm hoping to try again around Thanksgiving before the season closes.


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