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Thread: Late report, Wheatley Lake with my daughter, 11/5

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    Talking Late report, Wheatley Lake with my daughter, 11/5

    I took my daughter to Wheatley Lake the day after clm cleaned up there, and we had a similarly productive day. My daughter caught 3 trout trolling and two bass and a bluegill casting at the shoreline (with a little help). She caught everything on a pink (of course!) and silver Rapala Husky Jerk.

    The first trout hit so hard I thought we snagged the bottom. She couldn't make any headway on it, but then it took off when I turned the yak around. It actually pulled hard enough and kept the yak turning. She brought it in like a pro, and I unhooked it for her.

    Then she brought in a tiny, young-of-the-year bass, and then a better one:

    She didn't want to hold up the bluegill, which was a nice one.

    The other two trout were smaller. While we were trolling, she could actually tell when the lure snagged a leaf or piece of grass and reeled in the lure to clean it off, which impressed me. She also did a good job letting the drag to the work and remembered not to reel the fish all the way in to the tip of the rod. She really got excited after catching the third fish because she knew what was going on when the fish hit and what she had to do. We lost two fish on the way to the boat, but that didn't slow her down, especially since we caught two more after that. Here's her stringer:

    She was excited about bringing the trout home for dinner. Here they are before they went into the oven:

    After fishing, my wife took her to the playground there while I loaded the boat, then we took a stroll around the lake. It was a pretty awesome day.
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    Best Ictalrus post ever! Father daughter trips are the best!
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    Happy daughter.

    Proud dad.


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    Memories you'll cherish forever. Congrats.
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