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Thread: Severn River fishing talk - Nov 21

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    Default Severn River fishing talk - Nov 21

    I am the guest speaker for the Severn River Association's (SRA's) November meeting on Tues Nov 21. The meeting begins at 7:00 at Union Jacks pub (next to ALL Tackle in Annapolis), but you can come early to take advantage of happy hour specials. My talk is "Fishing the Severn River in Fall and Winter". The Severn River offers fishing opportunities all year long. Many people fish throughout the fall months, but only a few diehards continue to fish during the winter months. This talk describes the changes that take place in the river and its tidal creeks and ponds during the fall and winter months. It covers the ways in which I fish in the river during those times of year. The talk reviews fishing methods, target species, general locations, and protective clothing when fishing from a kayak in cold weather.

    I plan to show aerial photos of many of the tidal creeks where I fish. I rarely post specific location on public chat boards, but may be willing to point to some spots during the presentation to those who are in the room. Nearly all of my fishing in the Severn is done in my kayaks, so the focus of fishing methods is techniques I use in the kayak.

    SRA is not a fishing group -- rather it is a conservation group focused on the Severn. For the past year I have written on-the-water reports of fishing and other observations on the SRA Facebook page.

    Anyone is welcome to attend their meetings. I hope to see some Snaggedline members at the meeting.
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    I'll be there with bells on.

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    I will be there

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    John - Thanks for the post. As a new snagged liner that is now living and fishing in this area I plan to be there!
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