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    So with the bridge being half closed this weekend for the run across the bay, I decided to try somewhere new. I launched at Jonas with my brother in law. Couldnít beat the sight of the USNA from the water and exploring the new area was quickly greeted by a mid twenties striper on a trolled clouser, chartreuse over white.
    Kept peddling with the falling tide and didnít have a bite for some time , a lot of bait in the river still. Got into breaking fish and was a not stop cast and catch mission. Had over 30 stripers in an hour and a half. Light pullage from schoolie fish but was a lot of fun.
    On the trip back to the launch I got hammered again on the clouser. Fish had me into my backing and a deep bend in the rod. 30 inch fish was lost boat side , so an inwater catch and release. Ouch. I almost forgot what a big fish felt like after hand stripping in schoolies all day.
    I will be back, met a few other anglers out there on their pro anglers. Hope they did well too.
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    Wow, that’s great news on your day. The Severn has been off/on all fall, maybe we will finally have some fun.

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    Nice going. It is good to hear that some large fish are within reach of Jonas.

    I trolled near the river mouth this afternoon and had a few modest fish plus an incredibly fat 23" striper that pulled like a larger fish. I saw many birds sitting on the water but never saw them diving on bait. At various spots I found lots of bait balls and some fish arches near the bottom on the depth finder in depths ranging from 12' to 21'.
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