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Thread: CBBT (Lone Flounder!) Fri 11-3-17

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    Default CBBT (Lone Flounder!) Fri 11-3-17

    Öbut donít get excited. It was a short at 15 Ĺ inches. On the double hook rig, it ate the frozen shrimp instead of the Gulp mullet. I also caught toads, BSBs and a blue.

    I talked to two other yakers. One guy said he caught tog, but didnít say if it was a keeper. Another fellow caught short togs as well as the usual toads and BSBs.

    Maybe itís time to target specks in the rivers/inlets.

    The day was near perfect; 1 ft waves/surf, 70s, blue sky and light winds. Water temp: 66 deg.
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    Dang! I just can't fish on weekend. This water temp transition time is tough at CBBT.
    For that, I carry both speck and tog tackle between the mid Oct and the end of Nov. I also try to fish CBBT less than 4 hours so that I have enough time to fish Rudee. Until togs are reasonably active, I try to fish CBBT from 1 hour before the end of the incoming tide to 2 hours after the start of the outgoing tide.

    I think I can fish one day during the Veterans Day weekend.

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    Maybe CHSP then with it being colder there. Togs and BSB is what I'm seeing.


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