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Thread: OC back bay report

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    Default OC back bay report

    I had a small window to get out in the OC back bays earlier this week, so I decided to take advantage of the light winds and see if any bigger fish had moved in or if I could luck into a puppy drum or speck maybe. I launched around 7:45 after I finished up helping out with dinner and kiddo bedtime duties. By that time it was an hour past low and outgoing current was starting to slack, so the flats were pretty shallow.

    The peanuts were thick though. So were the 6" bluefish. It didn't take but a dozen casts before I had enough of that and the soft plastics were put away for the night. I worked the shallows for a little while and eventually picked up 4 short bass to 22" before I put on some bigger plugs and headed to a deeper water spot that'll usually hold some nicer fish. Nada. I had work the next morning and didn't want to be out all night, so I headed back shallow and found a few more bass maybe around 20" before I called it a night. No drum, no specks.

    The water was still very warm to the touch. Too warm. As soon as water temps starts to fall I think they'll be some keepers mixed in.

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    Good report Slobberbob. I think most of us are waiting for the water temps to drop a few degrees.

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    I was hoping this report would be filled with specks and pups! But then again, if I didn't receive a phone call beforehand, I might have been a little hurt.

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    Good report, sorry you didn't catch any specks or drums! If I remember correctly last year around this time was when we had the first water temperature drop, when the bite picked up. Hopefully this upcoming week - I've been seeing highs in the lower 70's.


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