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Thread: Fall Yellow Perch?

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    I've caught some big ones in Mattawoman Creek and Mallows Bay in late summer and early fall.

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    Last week I fished the Magothy and caught quite a few mid sized white perch. The water temp was 71. This week I fished in the same location where the white perch were, there wasn't a one. The water temp today was 66, and it held yellow perch. My first of the season. They were fairly small and scrawny, 8.5-9.5". They really did look like they've haven't eaten all summer. Fascinating to wonder where they were. Maybe they were there the whole time, just watching me catch their white cousins till the cousins left.

    They definitely need a month or two to fatten up before they're worth keeping..
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    I grew up near the north shore of Round Bay. From the early to late sixties, yellow perch were very abundant, and very easy for a kid like me to catch off neighbors’ piers with a minnow about three ft under a bobber.

    Fast forward fifty years; the yellow perch are all but extinct in the Severn; a victim of overdevelopment, and the construction of the I 97 bridge in 1987, with zero storm water management measures and sediment control ponds, directly over the Severn Run spawning grounds. The spreading of road salt just prior to the spawn in late Feb, early March was particularly damaging.

    Someone at the federal agency that managed Interstate construction screwed up royally during the design phase of I 97.
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    In early to mid November I catch nice yellow perch in the Nanticoke near Rt 50. The fish are close to shore, fairly shallow, and can be caught on minnows under bobbers. We found them by accident one year, but it's a consistent pattern. They aren't there June-Oct. They shop up in early November and stick around until the spawn. White perch we started catching three weeks ago using the same tactics. And of course tons of catfish (channels, blues and whites).


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