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Thread: So, I'm looking for advice.... Hoe is the fishing in the lower Potomac River??

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    Default So, I'm looking for advice.... Hoe is the fishing in the lower Potomac River??

    I can retire from work next summer, when I turn 62. I'd love, to buy a smaller house near the water, and fish every day. My wife, wants to move closer to some of our grown kids, that live in Remington, Va (Which is near Warrenton, Va). If you look at a map, it's a hike to the bay:!4d-77.7952712

    My wife has been wonderful these 34 years, so I'm planning on doing what she wants. When I look at the map, it seems that I could make day trips to the Potomac river. How is the fishing in the lower Potomac?? Are the fish safe to eat????

    Edit #1: Ummm.... I afraid I may have offended some fish, by my type-oh in the title of this post.
    ---> In the title, I meant 'How' not 'Hoe'. I'm sure that Rockfish are highly moral. In this age of PC, one has to be very careful not to offend anyone.

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    Well just quickly glancing at the map there, lets say you made a trip to Woodbridge VA....that's not too far from a lot of hotspots for blue catfish, especially on that side (the VA side) of the Potomac. So I think you'd have year round access to some phenomenal bluecat fishing, which let's face it, year round big fish potential is always a good thing. You could even put in near Washington's Mt. Vernon, which is really close to my favorite spot for bluecats. As for other species, like rockfish, I really can't comment, but someone like Kevinfry or Rockchaser might be more familiar with that area. And there's a whole group of guys that fish the "slower lower" Potomac that'll surely chime in.


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