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Thread: Rockfish Cakes Recipe, Delicious!

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    Default Rockfish Cakes Recipe, Delicious!

    So for the first time on Saturday, with my limit of 2 rockfish, I filleted them like normal but also decided to collect some "spoon meat..." That's basically when you just use a spoon to scrape between bones, and into spots where normal fillets would leave meat behind. I would say between the 2 fish, over an additional 10 mins total scraping time, I collected 1/2 -3/4 lb of meat (including cheeks), in addition to the fillets I had bagged separately. IMO that's definitely worth doing every time. Then I used that "spoon meat" and the following recipe:

    I modified it by using cayenne pepper instead of jalapeno, green instead of red/yellow peppers, white onion instead of green, no capers, and liberal amounts of old bay. I bought a pound of gulf shrimp (I always spend the extra couple bucks to get the gulf shrimp over the imported Indonesian stuff), and used about 2oz as additional meat in the cake mixture. As for the tartar sauce, I just chopped up a handful of my homemade B&B pickles, mayo, lemon juice, salt, black and red pepper, and that's it.

    These were the first time I've made fish cakes, and the spoon meat was the perfect consistency for it. Everything turned out great, they were very dense cakes, and extremely tasty. Will definitely be making them each time I catch some keepers, because the way I see it, it's another way to get essentially a "free" meal for 2 people that would otherwise be discarded.

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    Sounds like you ate well!

    Fish cakes are great for left over fish too. Especially if you cook the whole fish but don't eat it all. You'd be surprised how much more meat you can get from picking the leftovers off of a whole fish compared to that of just "spooning" it.


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