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Thread: Progressive Polarized Sunglass Advice?

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    Default Progressive Polarized Sunglass Advice?

    Hi all,

    I'm in the market for new prescription sunglasses and want to get a pair that will be good on the water. I'm thinking polarized, and progressive since my bifocal sunglasses now can't read the fishfinder. I've never bought glasses on-line before. Any experiences and recommendations for buying on-line, or good shops in the Columbia, MD area for sports glasses? Good models and brands? How well do fittings go without being in person if you buy on-line?


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    Costa del Mar makes very good sunglasses. They partner with some local dealers to offer prescriptions in their lenses. I have several pairs of stock Costas but have never tried the prescription route. Take a look at You can search for dealers located near you.
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    Thanks John,

    Thats who I've been eyeing. Unfortunately their progressive lenses in their fishing frames are about $800. Spent the morning doing some thinking and experimenting. It turns out that my far vision is 20/25. Dang good, but it's always felt worse to me since I grew up with 20/15 vision. Anyway, I've decided to go with non prescription lenses which will be fine. I've learned that companies make static cling plastic reading lenses that you can get and cut to shape for any pair of glasses. So I will try that in them for knot tying, worse case is I bring a pair of readers with me.

    I found a military/veterans/first responders site associated with framesdirect that offers discounts. So today I ordered the blackfin in matte black with 580g copper and silver mirrored lenses for $229. For over $500 in savings I can live without being able to count the dots on a bikini at 100 yards.

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    I bought a pair of 7 Eye polarized, progressive motorcycle sunglasses. Best pair I have ever owned. I wear them on the water too. I order from Very high quality and around $ 500 for my prescription (and I have really bad eyes!).
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