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Thread: Dry suits

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    Quote Originally Posted by mchottie View Post
    I was hoping to pick one up in the off-season (summer) for a good deal, but pricing has not fluctuated significantly. I agree with you Pat, spending the extra for lifetime warranty if you are able, is worth the peace of mind and the insurance.
    Yeah I'm one to research purchases, even ones as little as $20, extensively, but it's usually worth it when you find the right price/item. I spent 3 hours a few nights ago deciding on a new backpack, my old swissgear backpack is full of old fishing stuff and is thoroughly trashed. That's fine though, since I got many years out of it, and I will probably still clean it up a bit and use it when I fish from shore. I ended up deciding on the Osprey Nebula backpack, off amazon it was only $20 more than a comparable swissgear pack, and was much lighter, and had that all important lifetime warranty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve6902 View Post
    If it's NOT water resistant/proof it could be an issue. The purpose of the dry suit is to keep you dry if you turtle your kayak in cold water. It protects you from hypothermia.
    How so? This is not Kokatat dry suit, I get it. But it could be affordable substitution if this is right product. It is meant to be used by coast guard in rescue operations.
    Damn, do I need to fill out bathtub and test it out???

    The CWU-86/P is an anti-exposure coverall with reinforced ruggedized patches to withstand the use of U.S. Navy aircrew men on flight over water. Flyers coveralls are proved to protect wearer frome exposure against hypothermia and exposure to cold water, wind spray, and rain in the event of a water landing.


    Ruggedized, waterproff coveralls complete with overvest, pockets, lates neckseal and neoprene wrist seals
    Manufactured with fire-resistanct, laminated, sage green Nomex Base cloth
    Designed to be word with or without coverall undergarment
    Intended to be used in conjunction with waterproof socks (not included)
    Available in 12 sizes (Small-Short to XL-Long)


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