My buddy bought a reservoir runner and he invited me to test it out at Prettyboy Reservoir.
I used my fly rod and caught 1 tiny smallie on a floating pink foam spider.

I noticed lots of sunfish were hitting the spider and missing getting hooked up. I decided to add a dropper streamer fly I tied up earlier this summer. Tied it to the pink spider hook and the dropper mono was about 2.5 feet long.
The sunfish liked the dropper fly and I hooked up about 10 more. All were small.

Plenty of smallmouth bass and sunfish would follow the flies and not eat them.

My buddy fished spinning and bait casting gear. He caught one largemouth and 2 smallies on wacky worms.

Nice water clarity. Lots of nice weed beds growing underwater. No wind. Overcast sky. Really enjoyable. We fished from about 3:45 pm until 7:00 pm.