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    Flyfishing close in to shore and picking up many perch along with a few croaker. Using a clouser minnow pattern. Cast out away from shore and after a couple strips just slammed and just as quick a skate comes up and splashes then dives and heads out for deep water. Down to backing in seconds and didn't want to lose my $90 flyline so I broke him off. Whew. Never thought a skate would hit a fly. Anyone ever land one on a flyrod?

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    About 12 years ago at the mouth of the Magothy I was throwing a clouser in shallow water with a 9 wt from a 21 foot center console. The fight lasted forever, well probably more like 20 minutes but that thing took me to the backing at least 6 times. Circling and dodging crab pots was the biggest challenge, if I was in a yak it definitely would have towed me around for a while.


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