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Thread: 4th of July Channel Cats

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    Default 4th of July Channel Cats

    I had heard Mt Vernon was putting on a daytime fireworks display at 1pm, so launched from Marshall Hall at 11am. It was a half hour past low tide with just a slight 5mph breeze.
    I setup shop 50 yards upstream from the Mt Vernon channel an about 60 feet west of the main river channel in about 4 feet of water.
    Using a 3/8oz white jig head and a white Paddle Tail. I threw it out towards the main channel.
    After several retrieves with no hits I switched it out for a Gulp swimming mullet.
    Big hit, big fight. I landed a 22" blue cat. Typical.
    Let her go and kept at it figuring it was going to be a blue cat day.
    But I was wrong.
    The next cast barely hit the water when line went taught and I hooked my 2nd fish. An 19", clean looking channel cat.
    The next cast sunk for only 2 seconds when it got hit. Another channel cat, this one a little bigger than the last.
    And that's how it went. Almost every cast came back with a cat. 15 in all... the biggest was 23".
    The fireworks went off about 1:30. Ate my sandwich and enjoyed the show.
    Afterwards the other boats left and apparently so did the fish. I tried for another 30 minutes before making my way back to the ramp.

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    I wanted to go out for some cats on the 4th from there, but figured there would be too much traffic, so I stayed home. I normally hit the same location, but on the MD side where it is about 12 to 15 feet deep....may have to check out the VA side next time....
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