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Thread: Rocky Gorge 7/3

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    Default Rocky Gorge 7/3

    Me and a buddy took on the gorge Sunday despite the heat and true summer pattern bass. We launched out of Scotts Cove around 11 and worked all shade and structure we possibly could until dark. We threw pretty much everything from monster worms, to deep cranks, to chatterbaits and even ultralight gear. It was a struggle and we both only ended up catching one bass a piece and I got a white perch also. The shakey head/trick worm combo continues to catch just as it always does. Not a good day but it's better than a skunk! The bass were healthy and mine had a very fat belly for being mid summer. In our last cove to hit we met this little fawn, we were literally 5 feet from it!

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    Good report. Nice chubby bass. Cute little deer!

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    A few quality fish but multiple rewards.

    Excellent outing.

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