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Thread: checked out a new spot today and even caught fish

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    Default checked out a new spot today and even caught fish

    This morning I was looking for a place to paddle that was not too far away and had something interesting to see. I decided to launch into Curtis Creek and paddle downstream past the Coast Guard yard and out to some old abandoned ship hulls just past the 695 bridge. Realistically I did not expect much fish action, so I planned this as more of an exploring day. But I did bring several rods for trolling paddletails and one with a small spinner for perch.

    I launched at noon on a 90 deg day - not necessarily the best choice, but it was not too bad on the water. The current was beginning to move out, and the wind was at my back making an easy paddle downstream. I trolled 3 lines along the right shoreline (looking downstream) and had no hits until I reached the Rt 695 bridge. Then all three rods went down at once. It had the potential to be quite exciting, but the fish proved to be 10”-12” stripers. I messed around there for a while quickly catching and releasing a dozen of those little fish. I left biting fish and paddled a short ways off to the right to the old ship graveyard that is near the launch ramp for Jaws Marine. It reminded me a lot of Mallows Bay, just fewer ships. It was fun drifting slowly along around those burned out hulls. The last photo in this group shows one of the ships with a concrete hull.


    I cast a Bignose spinner toward the shoreline and soon caught a dozen white perch.


    I left the hulls and began my way back upstream against the wind and current. I definitely had to work harder, but it was not too difficult. I hugged the opposite shoreline this time. I found another ship graveyard on this side of the creek upstream of the Rt 695 bridge.


    As I trolled back upstream to the launch, I picked up another dozen stripers on the way back. I enjoyed the scenery (mostly an industrial landscape, but the old hulls are interesting) and caught about 35 fish that I had not expected to catch. That is a bonus for a spur-of-the-moment outing.
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    I haven't fished there since my "tin boat" days, maybe 12-15 years ago.
    I launched way around at Harbor Hospital, and even with a motor it was a haul.
    I assume from what you have described, you launched from Carbide Rd.?

    Interesting area, nature does find a way to exist, even in some industrial settings.

    Fort Armistead is around just past the Key Bridge, about the same distance to the area you fished in the opposite direction. Not my favorite place to launch, the locals are a little sketchy and it opens out into some rougher water on the Patapsco.

    Interesting style of fishing. I always worried about get blown into some of those wrecks, they could cut a plastic boat open like a knife.

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    Congrats on the successful trip, John. Some fish are better than no fish, especially when they weren't planned.
    ...and thanks for the very cool pics.

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    Pretty cool John. I have never heard of that area. The Mallows of Baltimore. haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanMarino View Post
    Pretty cool John. I have never heard of that area. The Mallows of Baltimore. haha
    Give it a hundred years and like Mallows Bay and it may also become a National Marine Sanctuary. '

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    Very cool. I have always wanted to explore that area. More for photography than fishing.
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