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Thread: Newbie Yak Angler in Central Maryland

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    Default Newbie Yak Angler in Central Maryland

    Good Afternoon Everyone!

    Yep, newbie here and first time Yak Owner. I had joined kayak angler before realizing this forum is the premier forum in our area. I look forward to learning from all of the experience here at!!!

    A little about me; I live in New Market, MD and am a member/owner at Lake Linganore. Have been fishing the Lake heavily for the past three years from shore with much luck. Always made me wonder what I could do in a boat! The wife and I bargained over the past year allowing me to purchase my first Kayak last week. Went with the Old Town Predator after much research. The Hobie PA was a little out of my price range but I still wanted a stable yak as I am a bit on the larger side, but not too large, haha.

    Hopefully my Yak gets delivered soon. It's sitting in a Baltimore warehouse waiting on delivery. Part of me wants to go pick it up but that may be a mistake seeing I have never car topped a yak before! Before you say "cartopping a heavy yak?", I managed to find a system to cartop up to 150lbs. Also managed to rig another system in my garage with adjustable heavy duty L Brackets and 2x4's for easy loading and unloading.

    My first year will be practicing on Lake Linganore and Piney Run before going in the salt water. Maybe even longer than that seeing I'm a beginner....We go to the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge a lot, so the Yak will be going there with me as well.

    Any newbie tips are appreciated, just don't shoot me for buying the PDL rather than Hobie as I know most of you are Hobie Owners.

    Lastly, you can find me on FishBrain under MARsSPEED as well.

    Newbie Yak Angler
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    The Predator PDL is a great fishing yak. OC's pedal drive can really push some water and of the 6 different pedal drives I tested at a recent demo day I thought the OC predator was the fastest. I was also impressed by the stability of the yak.

    I'm right down the street in Sykesville (3 miles from Piney Run) and still deciding on which yak I'll get. Maybe we can meet up?

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    Welcome to the forum and the hobby.

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    Welcome, I live in New Windsor but fish mostly the Bay.
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