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Thread: August M&G Beverly-Triton

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    Quote Originally Posted by silasvirus82 View Post
    Maybe I was a little nervous....but I was having such a good day at that point, it wasn't enough to bring me down. I think it would've come awfully close to flipping me, if I hadn't hit it straight on like I did.

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    beautiful day, awesome comraddery on both channel 68 radio & at the luncheon afterwards.

    pat, i still want to know the carrol county secret sauce you use, congrats on the limit out.

    nice to put some names with some faces, harlan keith pete&pete, Ben, Armin, and always good to see some familiars pat greg & charlie

    i managed to pull a 19-1/4 on ronaults go-to "glass ghost" xrap, no luck on opening night or charteuse paddles. i should have tried a gulp curltail mullet, but was having too much fun. halfway i switched with stacey thinking the xrap would produce for her, but the photo below was our only fish of the day.

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    This was my only fish of the day, but it was great meeting everyone and sharing stories at the restaurant after. Hope to fish with you guys/gals again!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve6902 View Post
    So how did it go??
    I've been busy as hell since we did this M&G, but it was nothing short of great. 3 of us were waiting at 6:30 am for the gates to open and launching was effortless. We met the sun and the waves with lots of enthusiasm and the weather turned out to be perfect with just enough of a breeze in the morning to keep us cool on the water. I paddled straight out to about 15ft depth and started hooking up with under legal rockfish. I was using a 5inch swimbait and some 4 inch Rapala's. They seemed to prefer the swimbait. As the morning wore on the motorboats started to show up with their usual lack of courtesy for the paddle powered craft. I moved down toward the South River and tried to catch a few perch to salvage the day. There was no breeze as I moved off the bay and the temperature change was noticeably uncomfortable. I headed back around 11 am and had my kayak stowed on the truck by noon proper. Lunch was at the Bayside Inn about a mile and a half away. They have good sandwiches and a friendly staff and quite a few yakkers stayed and communed. Just want to say thanks to everyone that fished, ate, and talked. It made for a successful outing. I'm looking forward to Rocktoberfest 2017, and you know where I'll be fishing!
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