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Thread: Potomac Smallmouth 6/24/17

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    Default Potomac Smallmouth 6/24/17

    Fly fished the Potomac again in the same area as last week, but this time from my kayak. Fly fishing from a moving kayak is difficult. I parked the kayak and fished from rocks and ledges. I also drifted and fished and tucked behind rocks and ledges to fish. I need to bring my anchor next time so I can park in the slow spots and spots with mild current.

    Landed 3 smallies and 1 sunfish. Lost 4 other smallies before landing them. Spooked some very big catfish and carp. Everything hit an articulated white/red bullet head streamer. Loved the action of the articulated bullet head. All 3 of the smallies were hooked on the trailer hook. I used the 7/8 weight fly rod and it was windy today. I like the 5 weight rod better and will bring it next time. I donít like how heavy the 7/8 fly rod feels.

    Creeks were stained today, but the main river was plenty clear. I only fished for a couple of hours and got home by lunch. Next time Iíll try some top water flies. There was a guide in a raft who had two fly fishing old guys in it. The raft came into the area I was fishing. I got to watch them a little and didnít see them catch anything.

    Lessons and goals for next time since this is a learning experience.

    1. Get to the river at sunrise.
    2. Bring my anchor.
    3. Use the 5 weight fly rod.
    4. Fish a top water fly for a couple of hours to see what happens.

    Iím really glad I went to the river today instead of fishing a lake/reservoir. Good to know that if it rains over night, I can still fish the next morning and the river wonít be blown out yet.


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    I will be out there this weekend with a few friends and spinning gear. Try this link if you need to know how the river levels are before leaving home.

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