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Thread: Kayak fishing

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    And this is what I was trying to explain about why fishing from a Charter Boat is so different that how we fish from a kayak.

    Realize that perhaps 50-75% of our clients start the day not knowing which end of the fishing rod to hold, let alone how to let out line (don't reel backwards, the handle will fall off!), play a fish, while the Captain is responsible for trying to put clients onto fish (not hitting the pilings on the Bay Bridge is good, too), and the first mate's job is to get client hooked up, the fish into the boat, while dodging rods, weights, and trying not to get spiked or hooked by the excited client. As well as crossed lines, tangles, and God forbid, a Cownose Ray that decides to take all of the lines out!

    Meanwhile, most kayakers already have developed essential fishing skills, and may be using techniques that wouldn't be successful or appropriate for newbies.
    For example, casting plugs with 6 guys on the back deck would be extremely dangerous. Several years ago, we had a client who insisted on trying to see how far he could cast a live lined spot. I had to remind him that casting was not permitted and finally I had to threaten to take his rod away-I didn't get a tip from him! And then there was the client that insisted that I net a Cownose Ray that he hooked..........
    So if a Charter Boat comes over to where you are fishing from a kayak, and you are catching fish and they aren't, that's why.

    And I also have to remind the clients to hydrate, and renew their sunscreen.........

    No wonder the Captains use the "bent pole" fish finder!

    Classic Charter Boat story:
    Our original Captain was a salty old former Marine, with a rather short temper.
    We explain to the clients when we net their fish, they need to set the rod's butt down on the deck of the boat so we don't get clobbered by swinging weights and have their rods out of the way.

    We are chumming, and it's wild and wooly, we get a few Bluefish in the mix, and the deck is getting covered with a combination of puked up chum, blood, and fish slime. I'm jumping around on the deck like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, moping the deck down between baiting lines and hook-ups.

    We had several female clients on this trip, one was wearing a white tennis dress, a bit too nice for a fishing trip.
    She hooks up with a decent fish, and as I am trying to net it, the Captain begins screaming: "Put your butt on the deck."
    She just kinda freezes up, doesn't react, so the Captain repeats himself using somewhat more colorful language (former marine!) to make his point.
    At this point she bursts into tears, and prompts sits down on the deck, right in the middle of the mess!
    "You told me to put my butt on the deck, so I did!"

    That doesn't happen when you fish from a kayak!
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    That's hysterical.

    I was going to suggest you find another part-time job but the tennis dress story convinced me that your job's rewards exceed its irritations.

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    These two customers and their other lady friend had the Captain, who you see in the middle, pushing me out of the way to "help" on the back deck.

    I had to remind him to get back to the wheel as I run the deck, and then he reminded me that it was his boat.

    BTW, they were very good fisherwomen!
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