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Thread: Hawg vs CNR - Round 2

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    Default Hawg vs CNR - Round 2

    Trolling a paddle tail and a 4" diving plug (Windcheater Bomber). CNR hits diver and pulls me around for a half mile or so. Went to pull in the paddle tail and it was snagged on the ray as well.

    That's it! I'd had it! Enough was enough.

    I spotted a public pier nearby and paddled towards it. Got too close to it and the CNR wrapped the braid around several pilings. Parked the yak. Got out and got to work. Got him close to the Rif RAF and he started to go completely ape shit. Finally got him to shore and he got wedged in a rock. Tried to make pull him into the grass and the mono leader had enough and snapped. I ran back to the yak and grabbed the buck knife and ran back crossing my fingers it hadn't wiggled free. It was still there. I must have looked like a serial killer as I went Jason Vorhees or it.

    Round 2 goes to Hawg!

    Anyone have a good recipe? Wings are in the freezer.

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    Had one like it this week- I got it to the kayak and used a knife to get my hook out of it's wing- it suffered a small slit in its wing tip...they are a real PIA on light tackle...
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    Good story.... A cnr towed me against the current & tide once @ Hoopers Island but in the direction I wanted to go.....then I cut my line. You earned your wings, Hawg!

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    you can marinade and grill or fry. Just make sure you tenderize the meat, its pretty stringy and chewy. Keep in mind that the meat is a lot more like stringy pork then fish. The most palatable way that I ended of preparing it was finely chopping and using like ground pork to make tacos... Good luck
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