I am heading down to the OBX the week of August 4. I plan on taking the kayak and making the drive a few times down to Oregon Inlet. If it is windy there is always Bodie Lighthouse that you can fish that is somewhat sheltered. I would really like to make my way along the marsh towards the bridge and fish that area. I have plenty of stuff to try and I usually take a flyrod as well. I would love to get into the Blue Fish on Crease Flies.

We shall see what conditions bring. It is quite a drive from Duck to Oregon Inlet (Duck is where I stay). I wouldn't waste my time trying the soundside behind duck. I have launched out of the surf before in my inflatable kayak but I didn't catch a thing. Not sure if I would surf launch my Vibe (depends on the day and getting a place where I can actually get it to the water.

My experience with the OBX is feast or famine. It is either catch a lot of fish or barely catch at all!