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    The plan was to get to Weems Creek about 9:30 for my usual Wednesday session. Wednesday's don't usually have as much boat traffic, the crabbers don't go out.
    As I headed down Route 97 I observed that it was getting a tad windy, the trees were moving, and the canoe started getting frisky on the car, fighting the bridle up front.

    I guess that the weather man was wrong, the predicted forecast called for ENE at 6-10 mph, but I was seeing whitecaps on the creek coming from the Severn directly towards the Tucker Street ramp.
    Whitecaps and canoes are not a good combo. Too much sail area. I would have spent the entire trip fighting the canoe for control instead of fighting fish.

    I have a theory that postulates that fishing is a leading cause of wind. Here is the proof.
    I traveled to several other potential access points nearby, scouting for future possibilities, so the day wasn't a complete waste of time. It was windy at these as well.

    So, my fishing report is a non report today.

    I did get out on Saturday and did fairly well on the WPs using Spinner Jigs and a 1/8 oz. Tiny Rat-L-Trap. Nothing huge, enough for a dinner.
    The fish are starting to establish more of a summer pattern, shady areas under docks in 4-6 feet of water.
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    Wind definetly works in a direct linear relationship to your desire to fish. Stronger the desire, stronger the wind.

    I've also experienced Windfinder being wrong more this year than I can remember. Direction and speed have been a random spin of the wheel at times.
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    A strong NE wind is the absolute the worst for Weems, especially in that big wind-catcher you paddle. However, if you can get past the two bridges, the creek bends slightly west offering some relief from a NE blow.

    John Rentch and I fished it on the 12th. Winds were calm. Our white perch quantities were good but the typical size of a Weems Creek perch was missing. I caught none over 9 inches. We used the common lures -- jig spinners, Mr. Twisters and I got a few on the fly, a green over yellow Clouser.

    The good news is that the floating vegetation that choked the back portions of the creek has diminished greatly.

    I do hope the larger perch are staging and will be in their familiar locations soon.

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    I always like to leave a little margin for error when it comes to fighting the wind. I thought of ducking behind the bridges, but getting back to the ramp could have been problematic.
    Between the high sides and flat bottom of the canoe (no keel) it doesn't track well, especially into a head wind. I just got caught off guard by the wind, it wasn't that windy when I left home, and didn't have a good plan "B." I could have put in over in Martin's Cove near Cantler's where we keep the big boat, which is protected from the NE wind, but that entails a carry down a flight of steps..............I wasn't that desperate to fish. LOL

    My biggest concern is since I use the trolling motor as my primary propulsion, is what would happen if the motor crapped out on me and I needed to return under paddle power. I had that happen several years ago by Fort McHenry, when my motor died and I faced a long paddle back to the Harbor Hospital ramp against the wind. At this point I don't want to have to try that again, my shoulders aren't up to it.

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