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Thread: DIY fish cooler/bag

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    FWIW, I put one together last night out of reflectix. It took less than 10 minutes. I used leftover 16" wide reflectix which I just folded over on itself leaving one side about 4" longer than the other. I cut it, then gorilla taped up the sides. I used a strip of Velcro on the extra inches to make a closable flap.

    I left a sandwich size ziplock bag of ice in it overnight and it's still more than half ice this morning. I think it's a keeper. I can fold it up lengthwise making it about 5"x4"x16", open it's 34" long x 16 wide.

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    I tried out my bag today. Worked great. I made it 34" long, dreaming of catching a fish that would fill it up. First Rock of the year, 32". Close enough. 2 frozen coke bottles kept the fish cool and were still half ice 7 hours after putting them. I'm sold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yakscientist View Post
    I started using a $10 Wegmans XL cooler bag for my fish. It seems to have a bit more insulation than some bags, and for only $10, I think you'd be hard pressed to find/make something as good or better. It's also fairly long too, the XL size should accommodate several fish from 20-25." It worked great during Jbay, I think the most I had in there though were 3 blues between 18-23" and 1 19" flounder, and it still had plenty of room.
    I use the $7.00 Costco insulated cooler bag...bought three of em...ruined one with catfish- I usually keep fish alive on stringer and transfer them to bag with 5 # ice...
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    Azmdted, Way to go!! Did you place it on the front or in the back of the yak?? Also did you go single layer or double??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve6902 View Post
    Azmdted, Way to go!! Did you place it on the front or in the back of the yak?? Also did you go single layer or double??
    Thanks. I kept him in the water till it was time to peddle back. Then he went into the bag and in the back on top of my gear. I've never tried to reach the front hatch while in the water and am not sure I'm nimble enough to get there. The bag is just a single layer, folded over to make the pouch. A double layer would be way too bulky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seasalt View Post
    I went to the dollar store and bought a cooler bag that seems to be made out of similar material. I have a three step system for minimizing fish slime cleaning:
    1. Fish gets put on a stringer when on water
    2. When done fishing, put fish in the dollar cooler bag
    3. Put the cooler bag in the main cooler that is in the car

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    Here is a different approach, but one that prevents taking home unwanted fish portions and minimizes fish slime.

    1. Keep fish(es) on stringer and in the water. Once back on shore, fillet fish(es) right at the launch, tailgate, or dock/cleaning station.

    2. Purchase a small inverter and connect it to the car battery. Plug in Vacuum Sealer to inverter.

    3. Throw away unwanted, smelly, slimey fish carcass

    4. Vacuum seal the tasty fillets, label, and carry home in cooler. Because of the vacuum-sealed process the cooler remains odor-free.

    5. Arrive home to happy wife while you bask in the glow of conquering hero/provider for family :-)

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