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Thread: Yin and Yang of fishing

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    Default Yin and Yang of fishing

    This is my first Weeks Creek report of the season.

    I'm gonna get all cosmicy, it was an interesting day. I did get to see the pivoting bridge work today, very entertaining.

    I found that two families of Sparrows had nested under the big, old 16 foot blue canoe that I use in tidal water. I was able to see and remove the first nest ( I have bird houses set up right next to the canoes), I didn't find the second until I started driving, got my windshield egged. Sparrow eggs = little splats.

    Karma bit me in the butt, over what I did to the birds, as I loaded the canoe, I broke out the center tail light lens as I slid the canoe onto the roof. It is odd how much heavier the old canoe got over the winter!

    It was a beautiful day with clear bluebird skies (another bird reference).
    I severely limited my time on the water due to the sunburn factor. All the sun block in the world isn't going to stop sunburn on a day like today. Two and half hours was plenty. I'm not sure if my attention span can handle much more than that, anyhow.

    You wait all winter and early spring for a day like this, and then you realize that it is too nice for good fishing-high barometric pressure is a turn off.

    The water in Weems was extremely clear as well, once again a good news / bad news situation.
    I had more 2 1/2 feet of underwater vision.
    I could clearly see the huge shallow underwater weedbeds forming, that thick, stringy weed growth that will be a major pita in the next couple of weeks as it mats up and breaks loose. Any areas under 6 feet deep had growth all the way to the shore line.
    There were hundreds of dish shaped sunfish nest clearly visible and tons of one inch baitfish running along the edge of the weeds. I seldom catch sunfish there but there are nests!
    It was a good day for watching and observing.
    It was high tide when I started fishing.

    Oh, yeah, the fishing report:

    It was pretty poor.
    6 white perch in two plus hours, one was 7 inches, the others were 4-5. I caught them in random locations, the closest I found to a pattern was along the weed edges in 6 feet or more. The docks and downed wood produced nothing today. No pickerels, no yellows. Meh.
    I used two 2 different spinner jigs and the color didn't matter as long as they were chartruese.
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    Sometimes a good day on the water can offset the slow bite. Glad you got out and observed!

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    I have always wanted to see that bridge spin.

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    Thanks for the WC report. We all look forward to the evening when it's a solid perch on every spinner cast.

    PS. A couple of years back I had to spring a large sailboat (moored upstream of the bridge) out of WC in the dead of winter. Getting that bridge to spin in February all but required an act of Congress. I think it's managed and operated by the DOT....

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    If you killed them every trip it would soon be boring- anticipation, preparation, and executing the plan...comradrie all are a big part of the puzzle- catching is important but sometimes secondary
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    Thanks for the report. Interesting observation on the sunfish nests. I've never caught a sunny in Weems but I have in nearby College Creek.

    Scott/Drew -- Come to think of it, I've never seen that bridge move. Last year I had brief conversation with some hardhat workers on the bridge as I passed under it. I asked them what they were doing. They said they were doing a routine inspection of the bridge.

    I look forward to those good perch days on Weems. They should be here soon.

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