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Thread: Severn Report-windy, but good fishing

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    Default Severn Report-windy, but good fishing

    Got out yesterday on the Severn, wanted to make a solo trip, as I'm recovering from a minor atv spill, so I wasn't sure how long I would be out. Paddled/trolled for about 2 hours, and anchored up and bottom-fished for white perch with nightcrawlers for another 2 hours. Rockfish were scattered, caught about 8 I guess, mostly 12", a couple from 16-18" and a nice fat 20" on my way back in after I decided to try out a different jighead. I also caught a few trolling a gulp curltail mullet in chartreuse, and the typical zmans I used also produced as well. The water was fairly cloudy, so I was happy to get any fish, especially since wind usually kills my trolling success if it's high enough. Caught somewhere around 12 WP, and kept the biggest 5, which were 9-10". Steve (supfisher) was on shore not far away, and caught a new PB white perch (12.75", just shy of citation), and a few small rockfish too I believe. The 20" rockfish was a real fighter at the end, it jumped and came very far out of the water. I told him to come back in June, but he looked skeptical, smart fish.

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    Thank you for the report!

    Thinking about going on my maiden voyage this Friday or Thursday.
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    Happy to hear!!

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