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Thread: New Kayaks - Native Slayer 13 and Hobie Outback

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    Default New Kayaks - Native Slayer 13 and Hobie Outback

    I'm like a kid in a candy store...

    2017 Native Slayer 13 is being delivered today and I'm picking up 2016 Hobie Outback (good deal) from Backyard Boats in Annapolis. I'll post some pictures of the delivery from LL Bean for the Slayer.

    For future reference, I know LL Bean has an end of the year sale Oct/Nov/Dec and if you apply for an LL Bean card, you get additional 15% off. That is a great deal, you can get a Slayer 13 below 2000 dollars - delivered.

    I've got a fleet now...
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    Got the Slayer. Some pictures of the delivery from LL Bean/freight company in Northern Virginia.

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    My initial impression on the Slayer.

    Things to like
    - I like the Hidden Oak color. More like "camo".
    - Propel drive is heavy and seems rugged
    - Love the geartrac surrounding the boat
    - 2017 includes the front hatch and side gear pouch already installed.

    Things that seem to be blah
    - Boat is heavy
    - The design of the rudder seems like a joke... I can see how transporting will put load on the rudder. I won't comment on the performance of the rudder until I take it out. I bought the Boonedox rudder but I heard of many stories of the rudder cable snapping.
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    Congrats on your new boat.

    I like the Hidden Oak color too.

    It's on my Ultimate.

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    Congratulations on your new Native Slayer Propel 13. Welcome to the Native family.

    I agree with both of your "Blah" factors. The SP13 weighs 85 lbs without the seat and Propel drive. With those items in place, the weight is 104 lbs. You mentioned that you also ordered a Hobie Outback. That boat is 13" shorter but weighs only 4 to 5 lbs less (81 lbs for the hull; 99 lbs with the seat and Mirage drive). Both are fine kayaks, but neither is a lightweight. I used to own both the SP13 and the SP10. Because of back issues, I sold the heavier SP13 and kept the SP 10 (62 lb hull weight; 81 lb with seat and drive).

    I added a BooneDox rudder to my SP13. It made an improvement in turning, but it sticks out beyond the rear of the hull and can cause some issues when loading and unloading. On my SP10, I purchased a BerleyPro rudder. It is more expensive than the Boonedox but makes a considerably greater improvement in steering sensitivity as well as much better tracking. BerleyPro has just released another option that keeps the standard Native rudder but increases the angle of movement so that the kayak handles better. Try the standard steering and/or the Boonedox to see if they meet your needs.

    One other tip for improving your turning is to lean in the opposite direction of the turn. This seems counter-intuitive but it does work.
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