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    I went on and did the registration, as best I figured it out. I wanted to check here before fishing the bay in VA and getting into trouble. They list reciprocity, but do not explain it very well. I printed a FIP's number, but they never asked me for my Maryland license number. I assume if I get checked having my Maryland Bay incense proves I am good????

    Reciprocal Recreational Saltwater Fishing Licenses:

    Chesapeake Bay and Seaside - Anglers with saltwater licenses from either Virginia or Maryland may fish in any portion of the Chesapeake Bay, or any of the saltwater reaches of its tributary rivers, as well as seaside bays and creeks and the Atlantic Ocean where a Virginia saltwater license is required. Virginia licenses honored include: 1) individual annual licenses; 2) individual temporary licenses; 3) private boat licenses covering all persons fishing on the boat; 4) annual licenses for charter boats, headboats, and partyboats; and 5) annual licenses for rental boats.

    Note: MD licensees may fish in VA tidal waters as described above without additional license, but must register in the new VA Fisherman Identification Program (FIP) beginning January 1, 2011. Click on following link for more information,
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    If you plan to fish for cobia and striped bass, you should check about signing up for the manatory reporting programs that Va. is now requiring. They want you report even if you fish for these two species and did not catch anything.

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    Ditto on the mandatory reporting programs. You should have your MD license, identification card, and your FIP on the water with you. I have a MD license and live in VA with no problems the few times I've been checked.


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