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Thread: Shad season winding down?

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    Default Shad season winding down?


    Two hours from shore at Fletcher's today with only two fish to show for the effort.
    One was a very good sized American Shad, the other a 10 inch Hickory or Herring.

    The Carp were spawning rather actively, looked like bombs going off in the shallows.

    Water condition were: stained with about 1 foot of visibility. The river was at 4.25 feet at the USGS gauge.
    The tide was running in strongly, the river level came up nearly 3 feet where I was standing during the time I was on the water. To the point where the ledge of rocks threatened to become an "island" due to the rising water.
    The pollen was brutal, leaving a scummy foam on the surface of the river, and my lungs as well. Real bad allergy season!
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    I had a similar experience this past Saturday. I've only been able to go a couple of times this season as I had knee surgery in mid-April. I'm hoping I'll be able to head down there one more time after the water clears up, but I'm afraid it might be too late. I'm just grateful I had one decent day there this year, shad fishing is one of my absolute favorites.

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