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    Launched this morning at 6 am in the mid bay with my brother in law. We started the day prospecting by trolling across the channel. I caught what was my to be my tied for best of the day day striper on a chartreuse tandem rig. Paddled to a choke point and caught several fish on a shad.
    Best catching rate was on a I believe yozuri jig. Caught dozens of schoolies off the bottom as the tide switched and the honey holes produced. Definitely prefer light tackle tackle over trolling and as you will read I really enjoy catching on the fly over anything.
    When the wind finally died down I broke out the 9 wt with floating line and a shrimp pattern. Water was breaking over some rocks and I casted with a short couple retrieves and Fish ON. Caught 4 more on the flyall mid to upper 20 inch fish(tied my best of the day) No hand lining these fish they were eager and full of energy. Nothing beats hooking a a striper that takes the line out of your hand in fits and jumps as their broom tail pushes them into some current and your fighting them off the reel. First time landing any fish off the shrimp pattern but this situation was perfect as they were hanging right next to the rocks waiting for a meal.
    Today was one to remember. The hunt continues for the 20 and 30 pounders that are willing to take the fly.
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    Congrats. I need to get my fly rod out too

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    Always more fun on the fly!


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