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Nicely done! They sure are fun and acrobatic!

They are certainly stronger tasting than smaller ones would be (like under 24"), and have a lot of dark meat when they are this size. I ended up having to keep one Friday evening because it about had half digested my pencil popper by the time I landed it. There was no way to get the plug out without killing the fish or tearing apart it's gills. I'm going to smoke it and see how it is. I've never smoked a big one before.
I kept two of the smallest I could find a couple years back when I got into them last at CHSP. I think both were 28". Bled on the water, trimmed the red meat and blackened some same day caught they were really good. Smoked the rest and really good too. Properly taken care of, they're quite good.

Nice Goody!