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Thread: Preparation- rigged rods vs. changing rigs on scene

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    95% of the time I fish for rockfish. My preferred technique involves trolling. I find it extremely effective for covering lots of water and finding the fish - I seldom end the day on a skunk.
    This is my standard gameplan: I pre-rig all four rods at home. Most of the time I will run a tandem lure combo from each rod. Those combos have the same combination of one heavy and one light jig head, the only difference between them is the paddle-tail color - therefore, each jig-paddle-tail combo will run at the same depth, have the same action, but each with a different color.
    When I first put in, my goal is to fish all four rods (eight hooks in all) as soon as possible. Once I have lines in the water, it doesn't take long to know which color the fish are interested in for that given day. Once I know what color they like, I will reel in the other three lines and just fish one rod. If the color is really working for me I will be busy enough with one rod, no need to complicate things by having a second line out there. But if the bite is a little slower, and I feel I can manage two rods, then I will put out a second line with a color that best approximates the color of the jig-paddle-tail combo that is working.
    When the bite shuts down I simply wet all four lines again and repeat the investigative process until I find the new winning color. NOTE: It never ceases to amaze me how one color will work in the morning, and then a second, completely different shade will work in the afternoon/evening.
    Using this approach I seldom have to re-tie on the water*. Remember: any time your line is not in the water is time you are not fishing.

    *The one exception is if I come across breaking fish. When this occurs, I will remove one entire jig-paddle-tail tandem combo, and replace it with a casting spoon (and yes, I carry different casting spoon colors as well). Having Quick Snaps makes this change out, well,...a snap :-)

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    I like to travel with rods rigged and ready to go, so I can get to fishing as soon as possible without wasting time getting set up. Since I recently upgraded most of my rods and reels, I don't want to travel with them just laying in the bed of the truck. To solve this, my brother helped me build rod holders that fit into the track system of my Tacoma. They sit at an angle so that I can still carry two kayaks on the rack, and have room in the bed for other gear. I'm hoping to test them out this weekend.

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