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Thread: Fellow snaggedliner in Deale/Franklin Manor this evening?

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    Default Fellow snaggedliner in Deale/Franklin Manor this evening?

    Fishing buddy and I launched at Franklin Manor today at 6pm to calm water. Paddled 200 yards out and the wind hit 15 mph instantaneously when I got to the spot where I'd start to fish. Struggled/surfed around a bit and tried to troll but mostly caught crab pot lines. I did manage a 12 incher. I always take great pride in even the smallest fish if I catch it in harsh conditions. I was willing to keep trying, maybe cast some instead of trolling but my fishing buddy refuses to upgrade his yak from a two seater where he sits in the back. If anyone has experience with this type of thing in the wind you know that the bow of the yak hangs out of the water and the wind treats it like a parachute. So we had to head in for his safety. It was a good decision as the wind quickly jumped to what felt like 20mph.

    Anyways, on our way in I saw a paddling kayaker trolling and leaving shore headed northeast. Saw the milk crate and a well outfitted yak and I thought one of two things: 1. This guy might only have a few chances to fish and has to fish in harsh conditions when he can, and 2. He's a snaggedliner and a badass. The third possibility (and most likely) is that he was a combination of the two.
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    I'm with you, has got to be a die-hard snaggedliner!
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