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    Default Fletcher's 4/18

    I fished the area above the Boathouse today from shore. I was on the water from 10:45-1:30.
    The river was down (3.75 feet at the Little Falls USGS gauge), and the water relatively clear, with 2 1/2 feet of visibility.
    It was very clear, bright and sunny. A strong tide was coming in, the river level came up over a foot while I was there.
    Herring were flipping and splashing raucously all over the river.

    Just when you think that you thinks figured out (getting cocky and overconfident).............
    I started with my "usual" double chartreuse dart rig, didn't do very well, and tried all manner of color and size combos, trying to see what would work best.
    I finally hit on a combo of a 1/8 oz. White and Pink Dart on the dropper and a size 12 Tony spoon on the trailer, 28" back. Almost all of the fish hit the spoon.
    An unusual combo for sure.
    The fish were hitting very shallow, like at 2 feet and you could quite often see the strike.
    It's odd how a fish with a jaw that opens downwards can get hooked in the center of the lower jaw with a lure that has the hook pointing upward. This is because they roll as they strike-very visible today.
    Oh, yeah, I caught about 20-25 while I was there. Mostly small bucks, and several herring. Maybe two females, but nothing like two weeks ago.

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    I was out there as well, but fished up stream a bit! Perfect day for it. Can confirm they are striking up near the surface. It was fun watching them come up and roll over/flash you as you get hit! Caught a 21" American and a few hickory shad here and there. The bite seemed to turn on and off throughout the morning, but was relatively consistent for us.
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    I was in my kayak the morning of the 15th, just in the cove. I used the darter/spoon combo for the first time and killed it. I had a good percentage hit the darter jig though, it may have even been 50/50.

    I had one double up which was crazy on the ultra light gear.

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