Great yakking weather. I landed 2 chunky bass, around 13 inches or so. A three inch metal flake swimtail minnow. I cheated, they were chasing minnows, so I knew where to cast😀. I hooked up on three more but couldn't land them. Exciting to feel the runs though. These were near the launch, in the corner of the wall...I normally catch a few there...Kind of like my pets, since I toss them back for the next trip out. I went out front of the big ship and trolled a shallow diving gold swimbait. I got it hung up, so I turned around, when I was on top of it, my drag started running...Scared me for a second...Then the lure popped up...I figure it was a catfish...Lots of eagles and ospreys..The ospreys appeared to be mating...Pretty cool to see...A couple would dive on the cormorants that were perched on the pilings...Sent them diving into the water...No snakeheads sighted, but there was a lot of fish jumping....Always behind it seemed. 😤